The Madhya Pradesh State Spatial Data Infrastructure (MPSSDI) program envisages implementation Read More | Developed a web based system to search, view and download geo-refrenced digital khasra maps Click Here


Need for a federated approach for creation, sharing and management of map data has long been felt in the state. There are multiple departments, independently creating spatial data. It has been found that following issues needs to be addressed:

  •    Duplication in data creation efforts by various state departments
  •    Absence of standardized practices for map data creation and usage
  •    Absence of appropriate state policies for spatial data sharing and usage
  •    Ensure safe usage of map data
  •    Extend benefits of map data for the cause of improving citizen centric services

In order to address the above, MAP_IT has been designated as the nodal agency for implementation of the Madhya State Spatial Data Infrastructure Program.

Program Brief

The Madhya Pradesh State Spatial Data Infrastructure (MPSSDI) program envisages implementation of various projects under the umbrella to meet the following objectives:

  •    To regulate procurement of remotely sensed data by way of carrying out need-based procurement of high resolution or other required satellite imagery at defined intervals;
  •    To create / collate and provide seamless and standardized map data to State and other agencies through electronic or other means, including:
    • a. Satellite imagery
    • b. Administrative jurisdiction boundaries including those of villages, Panchayats, Blocks, wards, forests and the like.
    • c. Other required standardized maps.
  •    To facilitate creation of multipurpose integrated map data for user departments, including department specific assets, for gap identification and further infrastructure development planning
  •    To develop map-based decision support systems for better informed decision making by state departments