The Madhya Pradesh State Spatial Data Infrastructure (MPSSDI) program envisages implementation Read More | Developed a web based system to search, view and download geo-refrenced digital khasra maps Click Here

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Dataset of geographic location creates GIS layer of particular infrastructure or asset and repository of GIS layers is core of Spatial Data Infrastructure. In the State, MP State Spatial Data Infrastructure (MP-SSDI) is constituted by Government and MAP_IT is declared as nodal agency for implementation of MP-SSDI. One of the major task of MPSSDI is to create, collate and manage the centralized repository of GIS layers. To prepare the GIS layers various methodologies like digitization from scanned maps, feature extraction from satellite images, GPS survey etc are being used in common. In recent years the use of GPS enabled Smartphone’s increased exponentially in field mapping which gives around 10-15 meter positional accuracy which is sufficient for management purpose. An android based mobile application has been developed to geo-map any type of asset or do a survey to send the information from the field. The application is configurable and facilitates to decide the assets or survey form attributes using the web application. A simple web application is also the part of the project which can be used to monitor the data collected from the field and do validation in a simple workflow.

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