The Madhya Pradesh State Spatial Data Infrastructure (MPSSDI) program envisages implementation Read More | Developed a web based system to search, view and download geo-refrenced digital khasra maps Click Here

Project under the department of Madhya Pradesh Water Resource Department (MPWRD) Enter

Water Resources Department is one of the major establishments of the Government of Madhya Pradesh. The field of Operations of Water Resources Department is responsible for the creation and maintenance of irrigation potential through the construction:

MAP_IT provided a 3D GIS based virtual analysis of submergence (at various levels i.e. FRL, MWL or desired tank levels) for departmental ongoing and proposed projects and visualizing in web based DSS if applicable.

Completed for Mohanpura Project

Shared with various Departments

Bhopal Municipal Corporation: High resolution georeferenced data for planning area of Bhopal.

Ratlam Collectorate: High resolution georeferenced data for ring road planning purpose of Ratlam.

UADD: High resolution satellite data for planning & property survey for various urban area’s.

WRD Rajgarh: High resolution standardize satellite data for planning & visualization of complete Rajgarh district.