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Project under the department of Madhya Pradesh State Election Commission Enter

State election commission of Madhya Pradesh supervises the conduct of all the elections in the state under the provisions of the constitution (73rd amendment) act, 1992. Many Difficulties are encountered by the state election commission during the conduct of elections like rapid urbanization leading to sharp and discreet changes in district demographic profiles, Reorganization of constituencies, planning routes and other maintenance of political campaign, Duplication of records and rush in pre-election years etc.

The Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has been applied to manage the election process in Madhya Pradesh in which module has been provided by the Madhya Pradesh Agency for Promotion of Information and Technology (MAP_IT), Bhopal. Instead of delivering data in traditional form such as text content, charts, tables and graphs, it provides a map-based view which includes visualization of thematic maps and several key elements such as the Location of P.S., district boundaries, Optimization of Polling stations; ward delimitation; Route planning for election campaign; investigate the spatial distribution, query the system for information etc. Which provides the election commission’s ability to relate the tabular data with geographical features and able to perform spatial and overlay analysis.

The entire Madhya Pradesh with the help of this system witnessed a hi-tech e governance during elections, which gives easy access to information, voter transparency and it did not only helped in instant decision making but also ease the coordination of officers with one another and with various information.

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GIS based DSS for ECI (Election Commission of India, State - Madhya Pradesh) Enter

A GIS based DSS (decision support system) has been developed for ECI to easily visualize the polling stations on Map as well as to find out the availability of the Basic minimum facilities at Polling Stations locations such as Provision for ramp, Provision of drinking water, Electricity, Toilets etc... The DSS also supports creation of Part Boundary for any Polling Station. Also, an option has been provided to generate and download the Nazari Naksha Map for any Polling Station.

Project Ongoing